The origin of our data analysis tool for winegrowers

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The idea of developing a data analysis tool like Winery Platform was born several years ago in contact with winegrowers and technical directors. They expressed their need to consult and visualize simply and graphically a large amount of information both in the vineyard and in the cellar in order to make the right decisions .

Jean Philippe Ricard (co-founder) thus brought together a team in 2019 to collect their needs and thus set up the scientific committee. The team is made up of technical directors of Grands Crus Classés in Bordeaux, owners and winegrowers in the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation as well as Stéphanie Marchand Teacher researcher at the ISVV-University of Bordeaux, specializing in wine analysis (UMR Oeno 1366 INRAE).

Presentation by Jean-Philippe Ricard

Jean-Philippe is a process engineer, director of Innovin, designer of the Valecarb fermentation CO2 recovery process with 10 patents to his credit. He has been evolving for 15 years in the wine sector with the implementation of solutions with Grand Cru Classés as well as small properties. In addition, he has also created and managed several companies. He is passionate about wine and innovation. At Winery Pltaform he is in charge of innovation, he is the business referent .

Jean Philippe Ricard
interface logiciel Winery Platform

After more than 2 years of development, the Winery Platform software is launched in production on December 1 , 2021. Its objective is to enable wineries to equip themselves with an easy-to-use software solution. It allows data entry on a computer or smartphone, but also the retrieval of historical data present in Excel files or the automatic retrieval of information from all types of sensors such as connected weather stations. This solution meets the needs of winegrowers to have a single dashboard without having to consult several applications to enter or view data that takes on its full meaning when it is consolidated in a single tool.

The offer is offered in the form of a service with an annual or multi-annual subscription , the amount of which varies according to the number of users. The strength of the tool is based on its power to manage large volumes of data, its ease of configuration to adapt to the needs of each client, its rapid handling with only one hour of training to be used.

We thus make it possible to federate a set of data regardless of the brand of sensors and connected weather stations and we also offer additional prediction modules developed internally or by other predictive software publishers.

Grappe de raisin
Photo portait Matthieu Planté

Presentation by Matthieu Planté

Matthieu graduated from a business school, he has 15 years of experience in the development and sale of software solutions and the Internet of Things for French (Lectra) and American (Oracle, Salesforce, GE) publishers. Digital). In 2018 he took over a service activity in the wine sector and created the company Clairéo which in 2020 won an innovation trophy awarded by the Vinitech-Sifel committee. Within Winery Platform he is responsible for product and commercial development.

Our vocation is to support winegrowers to face the challenges linked to climate change, but also to societal and environmental pressures. Our objective is to allow winegrowers easy access to new technologies to help them in decision- making in tasks related to the vine and the cellar and thus maintain the quality of the wines and their yield .

We defend respect for traditions and know-how in order to preserve the living heritage of viticulture and the human capital that is linked.

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