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capteur vegetal signals sur un pied de vigne

Plant Signals

Optimizing your irrigation strategy

Trigger your first irrigation at the right time for each of your plots
Plan your irrigations according to the phenological stages and the type of wine desired
Position biostimulant products to resist water stress

Winery Platform is supported by

French Tech Bordeaux

are the entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and developers of Bordeaux and New Aquitaine... but not only! They are also investors, major groups, associations, media, public operators, research institutes, educational institutions and local authorities who are committed to the growth of Bordeaux start-ups and their international influence


is one of the main support structures for start-ups in the Bordeaux region. Unitec advises on 3 sectors (digital, life sciences, engineering sciences) by supporting the idea to the creation of the company (incubator), in its structuring and its development (incubator), in its strategic growth (development).

Inno wine

is the cluster of the wine industry in the New Aquitaine region. It now brings together nearly 180 players in the sector. It is a unique structure in France, which federates the actors of the vitivinicultural ecosystem and promotes their meetings.

Bernard Magrez Start-up Win

is an incubator for start-ups in the wine industry in the New Aquitaine region.

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