Winery Platform, the technical dashboard for your domain.

The proposed solution is a software to manage all the technical data of the vineyard and the cellar in order to exploit them simply .

It makes it possible to save the data history, to quickly capture data or photos on the move, to automatically recover data from sensors, PLCs or software.

In addition, you can benefit from predictive models developed internally or by partners.

To use the software, all you have to do is take out an annual subscription depending on the number of users.
It includes access to the software, hosting (in France), training, maintenance and development.


Do you waste time looking for technical information from one year to the next, or held by a member of your team?


Automatically integrate all of your technical data history and all data from sensors (weather station, connected bungs, humidity sensors, etc.). Enter in real time the values recorded in the cellar or the vineyard. Take photos on the move that are automatically shared in real time.

  • Save time searching for information
  • Safeguard and secure your technical data, the real heritage of the property

Do you have difficulty observing all of your technical data?


Configure a graph in 3 clicks to visualize any type of data at the level of the estate, the plot or a tank on the desired time scale (years, months, weeks, days, hours, etc.).

  • Increase productivity and quickly visualize changes and significant deviations
  • Act quickly and precisely on the events highlighted graphically.

What decision should be made for this vintage based on history and current conditions?


Easily compare different plots or vats on different vintages and find, for example, the closest vintage automatically.

Edit on the same graph data from different plots or different tanks, to analyze the impact of different methodologies or practices .

  • Make the right decisions based on the analysis of tangible data.
  • Optimize practices through accurate data analysis.

How can we best anticipate the next work to be carried out by taking into account as many criteria as possible?


Thanks to the data collected and the artificial intelligence developed by our services or partners, benefit in 1 click from predictions of diseases, water stress, phenological stages, grape maturity, yield at the vine level, etc. 

  • Optimize the dates and nature of your work based on reliable and as accurate prediction as possible.
  • Securing yields and quality.

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